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Eureka Neighborhood Guidelines

Welcome to Eureka, our neighborhood for small businesses and people who work at home.

Although this is a community for businesspeople, our regular content guidelines prohibiting commercial activity still apply. Our free personal home pages have to be just that -- personal. We don’t allow any commercial activity on the free home pages we offer our members.

That means that you can talk about your business and your home office, but you can’t actually sell anything, post rate cards or price lists, or use your site to get clients.

Here’s an example. Rob O., a web consultant, sets up his page in Eureka. On it, he can mention his business, talk about what he does and describe his home office. He can post his e-mail address with a link that says, "Drop me a line -- I’d love to hear from you!"

He cannot say how much he charges, create a page that is essentially an ad for his services, or solicit clients with comments like "I’ll give you the best deal in town -- e-mail me to get a proposal!" Think of it this way: Anything you'd have to pay a magazine or newspaper to print is probably commercial and doesn’t belong in the residential section of Eureka.

If you do want to conduct commercial activity on your site, you’ll probably be interested in our Commercial Page Program, a great deal for small businesses.

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