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A little about me and my graphics

When I first started a home page back in January of this year I had a lot of trouble finding graphics. So I started collecting and then making what I wanted that I couldn't find else where. I am not a graphic artist as I am sure you can tell. I started The Icon Depot in June 1996. My homepage (The Icon Depot) is dedicated to making it easier for you to find the graphics you will need. I do not use any special program to make these graphics. I make a lot of stuff in Windows Paint. Then convert the BMP files to gif. I am always updating, adding, deleting and making changes. I am never happy if things stay the same. If you find any mistakes in this page please let me know so I can fix them. This site has gotten so large it's now hard for me even to keep up with it. ;-) JPayne


The Beginner's Guide to HTML
This site is great for people who do not know much about HTML. Have questions about how to add the graphics you found at The Icon Depot on your homepage! This site will tell you how to add any of the graphics you have found here.

Your HTML Reference Page
This site has only one page but that makes everything easy to find. Great Links for beginners.

WebMasters Encyclopedia of Web Development
This was an invaluable resource for me. This is a very large site. There are literally thousands of links to answer any Questions you might have on making Web Pages.

Geocities Help

Geocities Help Page
If you have a Homepage located within Geocities then this is a help page for you. It will answer Questions on getting the graphics that you got here to the Server.
Look Under FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

Geocities Home Page Building Resource Guide
This is a list of Geocities Home Pages like The Icon Depot who have resource's to help you make a home page.

Geocities Help Forums
These are the quickest way to get your questions answered. Chance's are your question has already been answered. If not you should get a response quickly after posting your message. I use these quite often.

Answer Point
So many of you write me on how to get your files to your page. Well here is a page just for you. Everything you always wanted to know about FTP. This site is geared to GeoCitizens but anyone will find it a big help.

Any other questions you have about Geocities can be directed to the Geocities Community Leaders. You will find a listing of The Community Leaders at the main page to all the Geocities Neighborhoods. (example thats the main SiliconValley page.)

Cool Things for your Home Page

Pergatory Guestbook A Guestbook for your Home Page

Is your Homepage Good enough to be in the Top 100? Go ahead and enter it.

Gif Wizard

This takes any gif converts to a smaller size gif without losing any resolution. You will need to enter the URL of the gif (http://) also works on animated gifs.
Your Background Color (Optional): Red Green Blue

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I download your Graphics?
A. With Netscape put pointer on Graphic that you would like to download, click right mouse button and then choose save this image as. That will download the Graphic to your computer. With any other browser I will not be able to help. I have only used Netscape. If you are using another browser or going through one of the Online Services such as Prodigy, America On Line or Compuserve you will need to contact that company on how to use their browers.

Q. I have downloaded the graphic now what do I do with it?
A. If you would like to use that Graphic on your Web Page you will need to learn how to do this with HTML. Try some of the above links.

Q. How do to I get them to the Server to put on my Web Page?
A. You will FTP them to the server. Contact the Webmaster or Company that houses your Web Page. There will be different Setups for this.

Q. What FTP program do you use to do this?
A. Personally I use a program called Cute FTP. Yes it is really called Cute FTP. I like this program. I use it to upload at least 30 Web pages that I maintain. Here is the link to get this program. Cute Ftp It is the First one on the page and there is a 16 and 32 bit program. I use the 16 bit because I do not have Windows 95.

Q. I really like your Web Pages. Do you use an HTML Editor and which one?
A. I use Kenn Nesbitt's WebEdit. This HTML editor is great. This site probably would not be here without it.

Q. There is no way I can download your graphics. Could you send them in the mail on a disk to me.
A. NO! I just can not do this.

Q. I saw that you made some of the graphics. Could you make me some Custom Graphics for my Page?
A. I do not make Custom Graphics for free. If you are willing to pay for them then contact me by e-mail.

Q. Where did you make your Graphics at?
A. I made them at home on my Computer

Q. How did you make those Graphics.?
A. The answer is to long to explain. I suggest a Web Page on making your own graphics.

Q. Can I put a link up to your Site on my Web Page?
A. Sure you can. There are some graphics in the Graphics Gallery for this.

Q. Do you have a Zip file of all Graphics you have here and if not could I download them in Zip form from another site?
A. No there is no Zip file here to Download and I will not be making one. There is also not another site to Download all my graphics from. Reason being is that some I made and some other people have donated to this collection. You will find some of the graphics in other collections and that collection my have a Zip file you could download. You should just take the ones you need.

Q. I would like to know how to get a page counter on my homepage?
A. If you have a homepage in Geocities then use the Link above to go to the Geocities Help Page to find out information about counters. If you have a homepage on another server contact the Webmaster for the server. The other way to get a counter is to go to offer free page counters for homepages that get less than 1000 hits per day. Due to the extreme volume of counters that has sometimes during heavy traffic the counter will miss some of your hits. In my opinion that is why I would rather have one on the server my homepage is located on.

Well that's it for now. I hoped this Page has answered some of the Questions you might have.

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Lines, Balls, and ? mark on this page were made by me.
Copyright © 1996 JPayne Not for distribution.

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