No warranty is expressed or implied regarding the copyright status of images collected from other graphic sites on the internet. While these have been taken in good faith to be in public domain, it's impossible to determine whether the site from which they were downloaded was itself not displaying a copyright and was also unaware of one. If any graphics at this site is copyrighted please inform me and it will be removed or credit will be given with a link to your site whichever you prefer.

My Graphics Copyright
For the Graphics in the Graphic Gallery. If you choose to use these Graphics that I made please give credit to The Icon Depot. They are for Non Profit Use Only. To use my Graphics that I made for profit you need to e-mail me the URL of the site to be displayed. Do not use these images in making of Home Pages that you are charging another person for. These images are not to be added to other collections. If you have questions on this Copyright you can contact me at my e-mail address. Thanks

Any graphics that have a © next to them have a known copyright either by me or someone else and are not for distribution. Graphics distribution pages are under the directory. All other graphics have been used on this page are for this page decoration and are not being distributed from this site.

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