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NeoCities Staff - Art Department

These are the folks who create all the groovy images that adorn the NeoCities pages. Are they talented or what?
Victoria Wang
Victoria is an indie designer/dev working on projects like Neocities. She spends a lot of time thinking happily about ethics and unhappily about gender. She loves making digital art. Victoria is the creator of NeoCities' very own mascot, Penelope Cat.
Visit Victoria's NeoCities Page

Wilber is cool. Wilber’s eyes move, and thats kinda disturbing to some people, but we like him. Wilber is a GIMP. Wilber manipulates all the images you see here on NeoCities Neo-Neighborhoods. Wilber is very good at manipulating images. Some say it is his calling in life.
Visit Wilber's Web Page

Key is an old web enthusiast with way too much time on their hands and a desire to make people smile. They enjoy creating art and making YouTube videos when they can actually see the surface of their desk. Key lives happily with a tank of fairy shrimp and several colonies of isopods.
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