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NeoCities Staff - Programming

Our programmers work night and day to create new, better, easier ways of doing things here at NeoCities, both for you and for us. Day and night. Night. Lots of nights.
Comfy programs and manages our awesome NeoSearch page which is powered by his own creation the immensely vast YooHoo search engine. Comfy plays the trombone and among his many hobbies are WebDev, cars, knives, and vinyl albums.
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Dann is an IT professional/teacher/small business owner, who also has a passion for technology, macro photography, and nostalgia. Starting with his first computer, the IBM 5152, he’s witnessed the rise of personal computing and the World Wide Web through all of its stages. He now splits his time between application systems at a University and smaller personal web projects ranging from large database-driven ecommunities for Oakley Sunglasses and the smaller irreverent humor on Neocities.
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