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NeoCities Staff - Site Development

These are the gatekeepers of the site. None of the rest of us can do anything without sending it through one of these HTML gurus. Lucky for us they work all the time. (Not so lucky for them, though.)
This sad individual spends his every waking moment buried up to his neck in HTML and JavaScript. An internet archeologist, Bill spends several hours each day excavating the ruins of old dead and forgotten websites. In his spare time (hahaha) he is a fan of Sci-Fi and Fantasy and also collects vintage toys and action figures.
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Penelope is our awesome sysadmin here at NeoCities. When Penelope isn't keeping the site up running, she teaches our Crash Course on HTML. You might also encounter her if you reach a non-existant page on the site when she serves up the NeoCities 404 page. Otherwise Penelope spends most of her days curled up asleep in the server room.

De Sinople
De Sinople is a young graphic designer addicted to obscure medias. From updating the neighborhoods with new users to updating the pages and keeping them tidy, De Sinople is a hard worker and without them there really would be no Neo-Neighborhoods.
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