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NeoCities Landmark Sites

Landmark Site BadgeNeoCities Landmark Sites are the places to stop when you're surfing that info superhighway known as NeoCities. They are the sites that have been with us for the long haul, so here's our way of showing that we are as devoted to them as they are to us. Only the most special breed of pages can be called a NeoCities Landmark.

Arkm's World
Arkm's World is a large nexus of links to many interesting shadows(worlds) around The Web, in the guise of an old-timey text adventure. No need to worry. The grues mostly only come out at night . . . mostly.

Software, Music "reviews", and other bu11sh*t you don't care about all in 1 terrible, terrible package.

An archive of my digital paintings, video games, online projects, etc. I love anything that is grossly tacky and feminine.

Library of Alexandria 2000
Online archive of lost and deleted internet music, from the vaporwave scene and beyond.

A window into the mind of a young woman as she tries to figure out her place in the world. Features a log of thoughts, art, and various pages on topics such as bisexuality and quotes.

A website about Roger's favorite TV shows, movies, video games, and albums. He goes hog wild!

Key's Klubhouse
A personal nostalgia trip to both enjoy a favorite pastime of old-school web design and (hopefully!) make new friends. Also including graphics I've made and collected over the years, and more fun stuff in the future.

Professor Martin Flashman
The Website of Martin Flashman, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA

Bill's World Wide Boutique
Come check it out! This is THE most AWSOME homepage on the World Wide Web!

a lolita's bedroom

scarbyte - Indie Game Developer
The website of an aspiring indie game developer. I'll also create useless software from time to time. If you're reading this hopefully I've released my game "Monster Executioner" by now.

An ode to the chaotic early web of the late 90s and early 2000s. Games, old media, and everything about nothing.

a personal website with some cool stuff, plus a fanpage dedicated to a kpop group!

Frisout's Corner
An architecture student's personal site filled with her many diverse art forms, updates about her life and many more things for you to find ^-^

Cat cat Productions
If you are looking for the latest Cat cat movies, news, info, stills, posters, and gifs...look no further!

NeoCities irrelevant weirdo since 2018. a blog about random thoughts, creating new websites, and personal experession.

Kirby Kevinson

The home of a series of fantasy romance novels following the lives of a few interconnected souls in a centuries long tale spanning beyond the fall of civilization.

The Icon Depot -

Super cool graphics really make a home page. Since October of 1996, JPayne has been providing homesteaders with hundreds of doodads to adorn their pages. Look here for the best icons, bars, balls, graphics and animations to soup up your Web presence. After seeing the animations, you will feel compelled to add a few to your page!

Writing, tradwave edits, and the personal blog of a traditional Maronite Catholic.

The NeoCities staff choose sites to become Landmarks based on how long the site has been on NeoCities Neighborhoods, design, and usefulness. Artistic value also comes into play. .

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