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NeoCities Featured Page Program

This program is for already listed pages! This is NOT the Join request form! Please read carefully below...

What Do We Look For in a Featured Page, Anyway?

A lot of people ask how we decide which GeoCities pages to feature. Here's some insight.

Before you apply to the Featured Page Program, make sure:

  • There are no broken images on your page
  • All links work (and we do mean all)
  • Your background isn't obscuring your text or making your page hard to read
  • If you have a "What's New" page or section, you've updated recently
  • Your page isn't just a list of links to other places
Finally, we look at the quality and originality of content and the page's overall look. Content is most important - if a page is not that sophisticated graphically but has excellent content, we will still feature it. However, we prefer that sites have a consistent graphical design throughout and a good layout. Don't overload your page with too many frames, animated GIFs or pictures: More does not neccessarily mean better when it comes to web pages.

  • YES! - My page is already listed in a neighborhood and I want to request that it be featured on the landing page.

  • OR

  • NO! - I am not listed yet. Go back to the neighborhood landing page and click the join link at the top of the page.

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