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We also offer paid commercial home pages that can promote a product or service. The users are responsible for creating and maintaining their pages, which can be updated through FTP or our Home Page Editor as frequently as desired. Each commercial home page may use 5 MB of disk space and generate 50 MB per day of traffic. The commercial home page receives a distinctive icon in the neighborhood directory identifying its unique status, as well as a listing in a special commercial page directory. The introductory cost for this service is $50 per month with a one-time $50 set-up fee. If you choose to sign up for six months in advance, we'll waive the $50 set-up fee.

The NeoCities Commercial Home Page program is a good place for you to promote your product or service to the citizens and visitors of NeoCities. In order to keep the cost affordable, we are not able to provide support for cgi scripts, custom domain name registration, secure electronic transactions, or specialized database applications. You are welcome to put our counter on your page to measure traffic as we do not provide any usage statistics.

If you already have a commercial web site and are interested in our billboard program, please contact us at (310) 664-6500 for rates and additional information.

If you're interested in posting your commercial page on GeoCities, send us an E-mail (or fax us at (310) 664-6520) with the details. Please include your name, telephone number, and some information about your business. We will provide you with everything you need to get your page up and running. Please remember that your commercial page must also meet NeoCities Page Content Guidelines.

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