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Advertising Production Specifications

Our official production specifications for banner advertising on NeoCities are:

  • GIF or JPG file format
  • 468x60 pixels
  • <=7.5 K file size
  • we can alternate among multiple banners
...however, we will try to accomodate any special requests. For example, if you have already prepared another banner size that is relatively close to 468x60, let us know -- we can probably handle it. We do encourage the use of animated GIF banners, as our experience indicates that animated banners are more effective at attracting click-throughs to your site than static images.

Once you have finalized an advertising sales contract (contact our sales office for more information), you can send us your banner(s) in one of two ways. If they are located in a directory on your web site, email H-Baguette at with the URL, and we will retreive the banners from your site.

Be sure to include the following information in your email:

  • banner name(s)
  • the exact URL you would like the banner to be linked to

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Thanks for your interest in NeoCities!

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