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 Today's Cool Homestead

 Arkm's World
Arkm's World is a large nexus of links to many interesting shadows(worlds) around The Web, in the guise of an old-timey text adventure. No need to worry. The grues mostly only come out at night . . . mostly.

The GeoStore is now open!
It's stocked with a variety of great-looking NeoGeoCities items, including t-shirts, mugs, and more!

 NeoCities News of the Day - 

 January 20, 2021
  • Utilities page has been added.
  • More parts of the site are now functional.
  • Please consider supporting our effors by visiting the new GeoStore and purchasing some of our new NeoGeoCities items.

 January 16, 2021
All the old GeoCities neighborhood buttons have been rebranded. Each neighborhood will be rebranded one by one as they are opened for homesteading.

 January 14, 2021
Happy New Year! The Christmas decorations are coming down slowly.

The Area51 Neighborhood is now offically open!

This page has been redesigned and the entire site is in the process of being restrucured, so some dead links to pages that are currently under construction may be encountered.

Never fear everything is going to come together soon, so check back later when pages become live...

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